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Never Suffer from Writer’s Block Again

If you’re ever stuck and find yourself reaching for the Cheeto’s, use this zero calorie writing aid instead:


I would like to say that it’s worked for me, but I’ve never gotten around to using it. Ye olde deadline is the best writing tool I’ve ever used.

PS. My awesome journalist/blogger/editor/superhero freind Pj Perez sent me this tip.

PS2. Thanks for letting me borrow Watchmen, Pj. I’m halfway through and will get the book back to you asap.


this writer’s life: “Beating” Writer’s Block

I don’t get writer’s block … well, at least not in the traditional sense. You know, the anguishing combat against a blank page, the tossing and turning, the sweating, the screaming, the bleeding, you know, the classic version of writer’s block.

I also don’t get insomnia, which has much the same symptoms.

I solve both problems using one–though no necessarily good–solution. If I ever get a feeling that I might have trouble sleeping and/or writing, I simply avoid the bed/pen until I can stay awake/avoid my editor no longer.

While this strategy has indeed solved the insomnia/writer’s block problem, it has also brought on a new (and arguably worse) problem of bedtime inflation/procrastination. It’s kinda like bringing in cats to end a mice problem and then dogs to end a cat problem and then cougars to end a dog problem and then elephants to end a…

PS.  As an example, here is what I did last night instead of writing/sleeping (notice how I apply the same intense concentration to all activities, not just authoring):