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The Lonely Writer

Sometimes I miss the the companionship of an office environment. Today is one of those times. I’m a real big people person, so the enforced isolation is tough. It seems this would be the key time to head to a coffee shop, but I have a deadline so I can’t afford to mess around by driving around the world. Incidentally, I’m also loneliest when I have an iminent deadline.

The One Key to Making it as a Freelancer Writer

A link to a link to a…

This post is either the definition of infinity or a sign that I need to turn off my computer and re-find a life. But look at this! Neil Gaiman linked to my article about him on his website, and I’m linking to his website to show the link back to my article. Don’t try to imagine it in your head, just click here:


PS. If you’re curious as to what it’s like to be a full-time rich and famous writer, then you should check out his blog while you’re in the neighborhood.