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New Year’s Resolution: 1 Short Story a Month

Seconds into 2012 at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. (Yes, that's Stevie Wonder.)

Sure, it’s a little late to start talking about New Year’s Resolutions, what with it being the end of February and all. Nonetheless, I have an awesome 2012 Resolution, and I’m writing to see if you want to play along with me.

Here goes: I’m sending an unpublished short story to publication every single month of 2012.

As for length or genre or type of publication, that’s up to you. I personally, am choosing to have fun with it and go for as wide a range as possible, like walking down an all-you-can-eat buffet and sticking my finger in every dish as I pass. (Not that I’d ever do that in real life, though a great buffet, if you were so inclined, is the one at the Wynn. Yummy.) So far, I’ve sent a sci-fi story to Asimov’s for January and I’m finishing up a literary-fiction confection for Glimmer Train’s Short Story Award for New Writers (February).

Worried about the anguish of rejection? Don’t be. At the end of the year, I’m going to publish whatever isn’t already published on Amazon e-books. Each short story will go for a dollar. And then I shall get rich or at least get a lot of practice.

Won’t you play along with me?

writing tips: Paul Mandelbaum’s Super List of Short Story Markets

For all you writer’s out there seeking to be published in better-than-blog form, you will do well to study Paul Mandelbaum’s list of short story markets. Simply locate the downloadable word doc in the top right hand corner of the classes page of his eponymous website.

Using his list requires careful introspection. In which of his talent-tiers does your writing belong?

I. Too competitive for words

2. Ultra Competetive

3. Very, very competitive

4. Darn Competitive

5. Take up painting instead

OK, I made up the last one. But you get the idea. Each category (I didn’t list them all) comes with names and links to many publication outlets. But you gotta check it out on your own to get the goodies.