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Never Suffer from Writer’s Block Again

If you’re ever stuck and find yourself reaching for the Cheeto’s, use this zero calorie writing aid instead:


I would like to say that it’s worked for me, but I’ve never gotten around to using it. Ye olde deadline is the best writing tool I’ve ever used.

PS. My awesome journalist/blogger/editor/superhero freind Pj Perez sent me this tip.

PS2. Thanks for letting me borrow Watchmen, Pj. I’m halfway through and will get the book back to you asap.


blogosphere: Freelance Folder

My super friend/former editor Pj Perez just sent me a link to this wonderful blog about all things freelance. So far, I’ve found the blog to be way awesome and totally helpful. Check it out.


blogosphere: 32nd Annual Pj Perez Week

If you haven’t heard of him yet, Pj Perez is a self-described journalist, blogger and raconteur. But perhaps that description is a little too humble. Why? Because he’s great and amazing! I met Perez when he was hired to be the editor of Racket magazine and I instantly liked him. But don’t take my word for it. Today marks the conclusion of the 32nd Annual Pj Perez Week, so there is no better time than now to check out his creative genius for yourself.

Pj’s blog

Pj’s Awesome Web site about comics

Pj’s Blog about all things Vegas