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Matt Goss Opening at Cleopatra’s Barge

Matt Goss at The Gossy Room

Lat night I went to Matt Goss’ opening show at the Cleopatra’s Barge/Gossy Room at Caesars Palace. I have lots to say about the event, but I’m running off to Terry Fator’s 1-Year Anniversary party, so I have no time to say it. Perhaps I will one day find the time to offer a more complete blog. (In the meantime, you can read my magazine’s article about him.) But for the moment I’m reduced to appeasing the Goss fans (who indeed seem to be out there) with a photo album of the photos I snapped from my front and center seats. Enjoy.

Matt Goss

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Christmas Comes to Vegas

Bellagio Christmas Conservatory Under Construction

I’ve always dreamed of finding some really cool and funny Las Vegas-themed Christmas cards. But until that day, I’ll have to make do with the Bellagio’s Christmas display in their Conservatory. According to Robin Leach, my colleague at Greenspun Media, the Christmas Display starts today. (Click Here to see his photo gallery.) But last week, I caught photos of it as a work in progress.

Bellagio Lobby at Christmas

Sometimes there’s culture in Vegas

Sometimes pigs fly and once a year there’s the Vegas Valley Book Festival. I bent over backwards to attend Friday’s event called the Sin City Sonneteer Spectacular hosted by local writer Jarret Keene.

Dayvid Figler, Mayor Oscar Goodman & Tuba

The event started with Mayor Oscar Goodman and local poet-lawyer Dayvid Figler reading haiku to tuba accompaniment. Somebody donated the haikus, and by now you should know better to look too closely at the donation bins in Las Vegas. What I mean is that all the poems were about strippers, hookers, drinking, neon and 900 numbers.

Ms. Las Vegas Holly Madison & Reporter Becky Bosshart

To make the poetry better, Jarrett was passing out cans of Schlitz from a magical hidden cooler. Also, Holly Madison showed up; I guess she loves poetry. My friend and reporter Becky Bosshart is a secret fan of Ms. Madison and thus the above photo was born. I wonder how many tourist photos of Ms. Madison include cans of Schlitz.

C. Moon Boarding the Sin City Sonneteer

Once the Mayor’s haiku was finished, all the cool, famous people disappeared and the local nerds (myself included!) got on the trolley and rode around Downtown Las Vegas taking periodic poetry stops

Sin City Sonneteer (aka Poetry Trolley)

For all you non-locals, Downtown Las Vegas should under no circumstances be confused with the Strip. Jarret our tour guide pointed out the bail bond places, not the grand casinos. And the hotels we did pass looked like the one below.

Creepy Downtown Hotel

But mainly it was a unique and wonderful community experience. What with all the communing with fellow lovers of the written and spoken word.

Atop the Poetry Trolley with Journalist Michael Mishak

All in all, it was one of the most artistic nights I’ve had in all my time in Vegas. Also, the idea of being driven around an art walk is super appealing for its sheer stupid luxury. Thank you, Nevada Arts Council!

Fallout Gallery as seen from the Poetry Trolley

New Bar Exam: Rockhouse Las Vegas



Read all about the joys of playing the booze guitar in the latest installation of my bar column for the Las Vegas Weekly. Also, could somebody in Vegas please pick up an extra copy of the Weekly for me as I am still in Texas. Thanks!