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Photos, too!

Today I am editing photos to accompany a story I am writing. I advise all aspiring journalists to add a few photography classes to their course load. It’s a fun way to make extra money. And, when you feel too tired to write, editing photos is a relaxing way to be productive. Not that I’m implying that I feel tired… OK, you got me. I’m tired.


new header: Painterly LA Skyline


I took this picture at my friend’s house in LA. She is living at the top of a Hollywood Hill. Yep, it’s the same hill I fell off. Every rose has its thorn and whatnot

Technical Photo Info: I think this photo looks like a painting of a place or a studio backdrop for a movie, which I guess is fitting for Hollywood. But, it’s real. And I just used my crappy small point-and-shoot. But I did put it on the night photography mode and rested it on a steady surface to accomodate the long exposure.

my latest publication: Photojournalistic Account of First Friday in Vegas

No words this time, folks. Just my purty, purty pictures. (See above for example of my visual genius.)

See a slide show of my photography from Las Vegas’ First Friday Art Walk.


art: Vegas Skyline

I’ve been back in Vegas nearly a week now. (There was a little trip to Colorado that I forgot to tell you about.) Anyhoo, what better way to celebrate my return than with a classic image of the Vegas skyline.

South <—                                                               North—>

Building Key: The Luxor is on the south side and hidden by a tree. That starburst on the north side of the strip is the Stratosphere.

Technical: I took the photo at dusk with my Canon Rebel XTI. I set the ASA to 100 for most clarity and then made the aperature as small as possible to get the highest depth of field using the aperature prioity setting. Finally, I found a nice solid lump of concrete to act as a tripod and set the thing off. The exposure was 30 seconds, which actually underexposed it. But I like the effect. Voila.

writing process: Do you believe in MAGIC?

One of the unexpected advantages of living in Las Vegas is easy access to the multitudes of conventions that happen here. And as a freelance writer, I have the flexibility to attend them on the drop of a hat. So it came to be that I will be attending MAGIC as a journalist on Tuesday (my birthday). For those of you who are out of the Vegas Convention Circuit, MAGIC is a giant fashion convention. Looks like all my experience at 944 is starting to pay off.

writing process: New Portfolio Stuff

I’ve finally uploaded some of my editorial photography to my portfolio. Per its definition, a portfolio is never finished. But here’s what I have so far: <<My Editorial Photography>>

If you bother to click the link, you may notice that I have yet to upload any of my artistic stuff. That’s because I haven’t gotten around to adding a watermark to the files. Speaking of which, does anybody know how to going about doing that in Photoshop?

art: Arizona Backyard Header

In honor or today (the last day I am a resident of my rent house), I have posted a new header. Ironically, it’s a picture of the backyard in my previous rent house.

Gotta finish packing before the new tenants arrive. Oh and I made $77.17 selling my CDs and DVDs, while I only made $17.75 selling my books. Does this say something about the base values of our society at large or instead reveal the ragtag nature of my ex-book collection?

About the photo: Nothing spectacular. Think it was a point and shoot digital camera. But the flowers are pretty.