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this writer’s life: Check Out My Latest Article in Phoenix Art Space

During the “end days” of my time in Arizona, I stumbled across a hidden gem in the often boring Phoenix Music Scene: a vibrant, jazzy singer named Nayo Jones. The best part of being a journalist is that when I find something I like, I get to write about it. This time was no exception. And getting to know this talented musician was an absolute pleasure. So without further delay, go forth and read my article!

this writer’s life: Movin’ Right Along

In honor of this week’s journey from LA to Phoenix to Vegas, I give you the lyrics to one of my favorite songs from my childhood. If anything characterizes my life now, it’s these words of wisdom and encouragement as sung by Kermit and Fozzie while they drive to Hollywood to seek their fame and fortune in the classic example of fine cinema known as The Muppet Movie.

“Movin’ Right Along”

Movin’ right along in search of good times and good news,
With good friends, you can’t lose,
This could become a habit.
Opportunity knocked once, let’s reach out and grab it,
Together we’ll nab it.
We’ll hitch-hike, bus, or yellow cab it.

Movin’ right along, foot-loose and fancy free.
Gettin’ there is half the fun; come share it with me.
Movin’ right along (doog-a-doon, doog-a-doon)
We’ll learn to share the load.
We don’t need a map to keep this show on the road.

Movin’ right along we found a life on the highway,
And your way is my way, so trust my navigation.
California here we come, that pie-in-the-sky land.
Palm trees and warm sand, though sadly we just left Rhode Island.

Movin’ right along, hey, L.A., where’ve you gone?
Send someone to fetch us, we’re in Saskatchewan.
Movin’ right along (doog-a-doon, doog-a-doon)
You take it, you know best.
Hey, I’ve never seen the sun come up in the West.

Movin’ right along, we’re truly birds of a feather,
We’re in this together, and you know where you’re goin’.
Movie stars with flashy cars and life with the top down.
We’re stormin’ the big town.
Yeah! Storm is right, should it be snowin’?

Movin’ right along, do I see signs of men?
Yeah, “welcome” on the same post that says “come back again.”
Movin’ right along, foot-loose and fancy free.
You’re ready for the big time, is it ready for me?

Movin’ right along
Movin’ right along
(repeat to fade)