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I O U 1 Novel

As you may have noticed my long absence from the blogosphere, things have been crazy for the last few months. But I’m back and better than ever. Friday night, I celebrated my return to the writing world with a trip to restaurant/club LAVO at the Palazzo Hotel & Casino.  On that very special day, I made my writing goal official by writing it on a cocktail napkin and taking a picture of it. In case you can’t read the napkin, it says that I will be finished with my novel in six months (April 2010)… or ELSE!IMG_5675

How to Schedule a Novel

Everybody in my family is a reader, but my cousin Jens is a writer, too.

Yesterday, I was overjoyed to participate in a wonderful family ritual: I went to Half-Price Books in Arlington with said cousin . Walking among those beloved bookshelves, we chatted about books and writing.  Having finished his first novel in July, Jens told me how to finish mine. It seemed fitting that he gave me the secret to life in the comic section of my hometown bookstore:

Write 1,500 words a day. You will be done in three months.

This morning I got out the trusty calculator, and with math advice from both my mom and my cousin Jill, I made this writing calendar:

  • Today: 9,315 words written (nearly 10%)
  • January 16: 30,000 words (1/4 finished)
  • February 9: 60,000 words (Halfway!)
  • March 5: 90,000 words (3/4 finished)
  • March 30: 120,000 words (big party)

 Using the wisdom I gained from my master’s thesis horror, I added one day off a week into this schedule. Now comes the easy part…

The Birth of a Novelist

Guess what? I’m also writing a novel! I try not to tell people because it makes me feel like a jerk. I don’t want to be the coffee shop slave who is perpetually writing an unfinished novel. I’ve already gone through that hell with my master’s thesis. And then I had the advantage of a wonderful advisor to keep me on track. So let’s keep this novel thing a secret between you and me, please.

According to write101.com, the average length of a novel is 60,000-1000,000 words. As of now, I have 7,345 words. That’s a good start, right?