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Unicorns! (sorry, no puppies or babies this time)

My friend and former editor Pj Perez says the three best blog topics are puppies, babies and unicorns.  So here you go, unicorns at TAO in the Venetian. unicorn-tao

The only downside to nightlife journalism

is the hours.

It’s 2:30 pm and I don’t think I’ve fully woken up yet. This is frustrating because I have things to do, articles to write, rooms to clean. Yet all I can manage is to mope about with burning eyes and the stiff gate of an unmotivated zombie. Otherwise, my gig is envy-inducing. Doors to the most exclusive night clubs open for me like flowers on the first day of spring. Once inside, it’s like Never-Never Land, the circus and a pleasure cruise all combined for my delight. Hoorah.