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my latest publication: Interview with the band National Product

This was a phoner (that’s journalist jargon for “phone interview”) for the Web site VegasInsight. The lead singer was real nice.

Check out my article HERE

Check out the band’s MySpace HERE

blogosphere: The Hype Today

A pretty cool blog about “music, art, culture and activism” picked up my LA.Direct article about Dave Navarro. I have to give them credit for having good taste: Not only did TheHypeToday.com find MY article but they were also able to discern what I think is the most interesting and relevant part of the interview. CHECK IT OUT

blogosphere: Found While Moving

I found this website written on a loose post-it in my junk drawer:


Now before you go thinking that I’ve taken my love of music too far, this website was part of legitimate research. It dates back to the article I wrote for Racket Magazine about famous groupie/writer Pamela Des Barres. You can check out the finished article in the “music” section of my portfolio.