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new header: Painterly LA Skyline


I took this picture at my friend’s house in LA. She is living at the top of a Hollywood Hill. Yep, it’s the same hill I fell off. Every rose has its thorn and whatnot

Technical Photo Info: I think this photo looks like a painting of a place or a studio backdrop for a movie, which I guess is fitting for Hollywood. But, it’s real. And I just used my crappy small point-and-shoot. But I did put it on the night photography mode and rested it on a steady surface to accomodate the long exposure.

this writer’s life: Break a Leg in LA

Everything in LA is slickerey and shiny, even the streets. That’s what I love about the City of Angels … until Wednesday night, when slippery Los Angeles pulled me down. Everybody says that LA will do that to you–make smiley promises and then suck the dreams right out of your marrow. But I didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

Here’s how it happened to me: I was walking down a Hollywood Hill with an old friend. Then the city pushed my left foot in the air and slapped the rest of me on the cement into a position I once did in Yoga. When I woke up that night in pain, it seemed certain I had broken my foot. But as they say in Monty Python, I’m getting better. Unfortunately, that means no rock climbing, hiking, boxing, jogging or swing dancing for a while.

Driving from Vegas to LA and Neil Gaiman

Those two things aren’t related. Well, I’m the only connection between the two: I just arrived home from the first one and I interviewed the second one last week. I have so much to say on both counts but am too tired to say any of it. Instead, I offer you the link to my latest article for the Las Vegas Weekly. It’s about said author:


(PS. I didn’t take the photo, Derrick Taylor of Comic Oasis did. And it’s a drawing of “Death” from the Sandman, not a picture of the girl in the picture)

Vegas, baby, Vegas!

Exactly two weeks after my scheduled departure, I finally left for Vegas. The friends who attended my “Goodbye Arizona” party two weeks ago were decidedly confused when they continued seeing me around town. It was almost as if they wanted me to leave just because my presence no longer made sense in their mind.  Well, they finally got their wish. I arrived in this neon paradise last night, just in time to go grocery shopping with my dad–a quiet entrance, to say the least.

The question remains: Where do I go from here? Who long will it take for me to make the move to LA (or wherever the wind happens to take me)? And how much should I unpack?

this writer’s life: Movin’ Right Along

In honor of this week’s journey from LA to Phoenix to Vegas, I give you the lyrics to one of my favorite songs from my childhood. If anything characterizes my life now, it’s these words of wisdom and encouragement as sung by Kermit and Fozzie while they drive to Hollywood to seek their fame and fortune in the classic example of fine cinema known as The Muppet Movie.

“Movin’ Right Along”

Movin’ right along in search of good times and good news,
With good friends, you can’t lose,
This could become a habit.
Opportunity knocked once, let’s reach out and grab it,
Together we’ll nab it.
We’ll hitch-hike, bus, or yellow cab it.

Movin’ right along, foot-loose and fancy free.
Gettin’ there is half the fun; come share it with me.
Movin’ right along (doog-a-doon, doog-a-doon)
We’ll learn to share the load.
We don’t need a map to keep this show on the road.

Movin’ right along we found a life on the highway,
And your way is my way, so trust my navigation.
California here we come, that pie-in-the-sky land.
Palm trees and warm sand, though sadly we just left Rhode Island.

Movin’ right along, hey, L.A., where’ve you gone?
Send someone to fetch us, we’re in Saskatchewan.
Movin’ right along (doog-a-doon, doog-a-doon)
You take it, you know best.
Hey, I’ve never seen the sun come up in the West.

Movin’ right along, we’re truly birds of a feather,
We’re in this together, and you know where you’re goin’.
Movie stars with flashy cars and life with the top down.
We’re stormin’ the big town.
Yeah! Storm is right, should it be snowin’?

Movin’ right along, do I see signs of men?
Yeah, “welcome” on the same post that says “come back again.”
Movin’ right along, foot-loose and fancy free.
You’re ready for the big time, is it ready for me?

Movin’ right along
Movin’ right along
(repeat to fade)

this writer’s life: Hollywood!

I’m writing this blog from the verified bowels of Hollywood. This is the place where dreams are made … and crushed.

Considering that my goal for the last two years has been to escape Arizona and find my fame and fortune in the City of Angels, I guess tonight’s post is quite monumental. However, this isn’t the big-time. My appearance in this state is more of an exploratory mission than a stab at self-actualization. But if my internal divining rod of fate can be trusted (it started quivering like crazy as soon as I crossed state lines), then my current true purpose in life (see the book The Alchemist for more details) seems to be located within LA county lines. But then again, divining rods have shown little success in finding water, so how can they be expected to find my future?

PS: Please excuse my lack of rhythic word flow. I’m writing this post at 3:27 a.m. and my brain function seems to be slightly impaired.

PS2: Before you judge me for my ungodly hours, please consider these two possible excuses: 1) I could be infected with the writer’s “Night Disease” as Michael Chabon so flatteringly describes it in Wonder Boys. 2) I’m in a new city and the novelty might be keeping my brain awake.

this writer’s life: Don’t Look Down

DISCLAIMER: I promise to post my real review of the movie Rock Star tomorrow.

Tonight I will talk about some of the apprehension (I won’t say “fear”) that is involved with following your dreams. As you may or may not know, I am from Texas and I moved to Arizona to pursue my master’s degree. Now that I’m officially a master, nothing holds me to the Grand Canyon State except four years’ worth of friends and familiarity.

In two weeks, I will set off on my journey to find my fame and fortune as a writer. According to my predictions, this journey will take me to LA, NYC, Europe and finally drop me off in Austin to live out my days in the state of my birth. But first, I must make a pit stop in Las Vegas to build my freelancing portfolio and save up some fortune to fund the rest of my travels.

After a lifetime of being tethered to a textbook, I am excited to embark upon this great adventure. But tonight, I felt sad to leave all friends. That nostalgia devolved into a funk where I kept thinking that all the good memories to be had Arizona had already been had. I nearly lost it, but then I remembered that writers (this applies to all people, really) benefit from looking forward instead of backwards. As they say in rock climbing, “Don’t Look Down!” And tonight was the real life equivalent of taking a good, long stare at the rocks below. But I’m back on track. And as they also say in rock climbing, “focus on your next foothold.” I guess, in my case, they mean Vegas.