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blogosphere: The Hype Today

A pretty cool blog about “music, art, culture and activism” picked up my LA.Direct article about Dave Navarro. I have to give them credit for having good taste: Not only did TheHypeToday.com find MY article but they were also able to discern what I think is the most interesting and relevant part of the interview. CHECK IT OUT

writing process: Read my Mag Article about Alyssa Milano

Another for LA.Direct Magazine. This time, a cover story.

READ IT HERE!!!!!!!!!

writing process: Check out my Dave Navarro Article

This little number was for LA.Direct Magazine. I don’t know if this is available in hard copy yet, but it’s already up on the World Wide Web. However, if you don’t live in LA, you may have to content yourself with the online version. You must check it out, if only for the fabulous photo of Dave, which I shall not reproduce here.

Dave Navarro 2.0

New Projects, New Technology and a New Round of Stardom

by C. Moon Reed

Born and raised in the City of Angels, Dave Navarro is a product of LA. Or is LA, in part, a product of him? Each year, hundreds of edgy, young dreamers move to Hollywood in hopes of repeating Navarro’s dark, yet sexy, brand of success… <<READ MORE!!!!!>>