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The only downside to nightlife journalism

is the hours.

It’s 2:30 pm and I don’t think I’ve fully woken up yet. This is frustrating because I have things to do, articles to write, rooms to clean. Yet all I can manage is to mope about with burning eyes and the stiff gate of an unmotivated zombie. Otherwise, my gig is envy-inducing. Doors to the most exclusive night clubs open for me like flowers on the first day of spring. Once inside, it’s like Never-Never Land, the circus and a pleasure cruise all combined for my delight. Hoorah.

blogosphere: The Hype Today

A pretty cool blog about “music, art, culture and activism” picked up my LA.Direct article about Dave Navarro. I have to give them credit for having good taste: Not only did TheHypeToday.com find MY article but they were also able to discern what I think is the most interesting and relevant part of the interview. CHECK IT OUT

this writer’s life: Check Out My Latest Article in Phoenix Art Space

During the “end days” of my time in Arizona, I stumbled across a hidden gem in the often boring Phoenix Music Scene: a vibrant, jazzy singer named Nayo Jones. The best part of being a journalist is that when I find something I like, I get to write about it. This time was no exception. And getting to know this talented musician was an absolute pleasure. So without further delay, go forth and read my article!

writing process: Do you believe in MAGIC?

One of the unexpected advantages of living in Las Vegas is easy access to the multitudes of conventions that happen here. And as a freelance writer, I have the flexibility to attend them on the drop of a hat. So it came to be that I will be attending MAGIC as a journalist on Tuesday (my birthday). For those of you who are out of the Vegas Convention Circuit, MAGIC is a giant fashion convention. Looks like all my experience at 944 is starting to pay off.