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The Dwindling Job Market on Media Bistro

Right now there are only 872 jobs posted on Media Bistro. And there are 1,761 freelancers looking for gigs on that same site.

Now this is way unscientific because not all freelancers want full-time jobs, but if you do the math, that’s 889 more people than there are jobs! Now this is going to be way more unscientific, but I swear that about a year ago, the jobs on Media Bistro hovered around the 2,000 mark.


Damn the economic downturn!  Damn the death of print!

writing process: How Do You Get a Job as a Book Publisher?

I was trolling media bistro, looking for a little full-time income to supplement my freelancing, when I stumbled across this awesome job.

Associate Publisher for Cleis Press in San Francisco

(You may have to be a member of media bistro to view this, but it’s free and worth if you like that sort of thing.)

Really, this is my dream job. It looks so fun and creative and varied. It’s a job where my best skills would be utilized. Now, I don’t yet have enough trade publishing experience to be an ideal candidate, which leads me to wonder: How does one go about becoming the ideal candidate for this job? What is the yellow brick road to a career in independent book publishing? If you know, please share.