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Interviewing David Copperfield

I should’ve asked David Copperfield about the fountain of youth. You know, the one that all the Spanish explorers were always traipsing about the New World, enduring all sorts of discomforts in hopes of finding. They never did. Apparently, they weren’t looking hard enough, because a mere 400-odd years later, the world-famous illusionist (claims to have) stumbled across it on one of his 11 private islands.

But during the interview, when I was staring across the hotel desk into Copperfield’s artist eyes—ones that reflected back the secrets of life lived—I knew there ain’t no such thing as a fountain of youth. Sure, he looked great, as the women who catcalled during the show would attest, but finding the fountain of youth is as impossible as walking through the Great Wall of China or making the Statue of Liberty disappear. Oh wait, Copperfield did both. So maybe that’s why, after seeing his show, I wanted to believe just enough to feel a sharp sense of regret for not asking.

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“Jersey Boys” and a Chat with Bob Gaudio

Jersey Boys Anniversary Party (photo by Erik Kabik)

By the powers vested in me as A&E Editor for Vegas Seven, I assigned myself the story about Jersey Boys’ two-year anniversary in Las Vegas. I have to say that this story was truly a joy to write and Jersey Boys ranks as one of my favorite shows in Vegas. Additionally, musician/writer/music producer Bob Gaudio goes down as one of my favorite interviews ever because he was so smart and personable.

Here’s an interesting little tidbit that didn’t go in my article because I didn’t happen to have my recorder on me at the two-year anniversary reception: After having interviewed Gaudio on the phone a few days previously, I chatted with him at the reception and asked him his opinion on the upcoming Michael Jackson-Cirque du Soleil collaboration. Though I can’t remember his first reaction, he launched into this wonderful story about how he had recorded Jackson when Jackson was only 16. Gaudio said that at that age, Jackson was a joy to work with and that all he cared about was the music and he wasn’t yet affected by the trappings of fame. Gaudio then told me about how he was in a meeting with Neil Diamond when he found out that Jackson had passed, explaining that they immediately cancelled the meeting because everybody was so sad.

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Another Day, Another Rockstar

(actual rockstar not pictured)

(actual rockstar not pictured)

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to interview another rockstar. This is technically more exciting than a normal day in the life of C. Moon Reed. Do you think the extra excitement will cause me to bound out of bed like it’s Christmas morning?

Or will I push snooze? Since it’s Vegas, let’s play a little game of chance. You put money on how many times I push snooze. And if you win, I’ll send you a…free signed copy of the Las Vegas Weekly! And if you lose, you send me the money that you bet.

I put the odds at 4 over.

I Heart Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell (Satellite Party)

Perry Farrell (Satellite Party)

I’m transcribing an interview I did with Jane’s Addiction frontman a little while back. I have to say he and his wife Etty are super super nice. When dealing with celebrities, courtesy is often in short supply. But they were so nice that I can skip next year’s screening of It’s a Wonderful Life because I’ve hit my 2009 quota on goodwill. Thanks for being awesome!

(Photo by Brian Birzer & check out his awesome blog)

Two New Articles: Kat Von D & Dating the Younger Man

Since Kat Von D is dating the famously not-younger Nikki Sixx, these articles are only related by their author. Oh and they’re both in the same publication (the venerable Las Vegas Weekly).

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Driving from Vegas to LA and Neil Gaiman

Those two things aren’t related. Well, I’m the only connection between the two: I just arrived home from the first one and I interviewed the second one last week. I have so much to say on both counts but am too tired to say any of it. Instead, I offer you the link to my latest article for the Las Vegas Weekly. It’s about said author:


(PS. I didn’t take the photo, Derrick Taylor of Comic Oasis did. And it’s a drawing of “Death” from the Sandman, not a picture of the girl in the picture)

my latest publication: Interview with the band National Product

This was a phoner (that’s journalist jargon for “phone interview”) for the Web site VegasInsight. The lead singer was real nice.

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