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Behind the Bar Exam: Horse Around Bar at Circus Circus

The Famous Emily & I

The Famous Emily & I at the Horse Around Bar

People have been telling me that I have the best job on earth with my Bar Exam column for the Las Vegas Weekly. Generally, it goes like this: “What? You have to go to bars and write about them? That must be the best job on earth!”

If the job paid a million dollars a year, perhaps it would be. But since it doesn’t, I settle for the priceless joy of creative expression and tax write-offs. Sometimes, I even get to indulge myself with well-placed (if I do say so myself) Hunter S. Thompson quotes. As I did in last week’s edition of Bar Exam, which focused on Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas‘ famous Merry-Go-Round Bar.

The above photo captures my first trip to the famed bar. The famous Emily, who appears in 90% of my LV Weekly articles, is radiant in red. She is holding an empty container of pink cotton candy (popcorn not pictured).

Read it here: Horse-Around Bar at Circus Circus

Fear and Loathing in Fear and Loathing

This afternoon, I skimmed Hunter S. Thompson’s iconic Vegas tome in search of some potentially useful quotes. It’s certainly a different experience to read the book when I’m living in Las Vegas. But that’s only one more novelty to pile on the mountain of novelties I see every day in this town. The real point of this blog is to expel some of the lonely, empty, all-around-negative feelings that a skim (not a read, mind you) of this book left me with. So, dear reader, thank you for sharing a little of Thompson’s bad energy. I promise not to dump drug-adled writers on you too often.

In a not too unreleated topic, here is the newest installment of my column for the las vegas weekly: Bar Exam: The Offramp Lounge