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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Bobby Berosini & his Orangutans

My close friends and colleagues like to joke that after more than a year in the writing, I no longer had an article about animal trainer Bobby Berosini, but instead an article about writing an article about Bobby Berosini. But after more than a year of writing, I’m so tired that I can’t write another word about this fascinating piece of Las Vegas history. So, you’ll just have to read the article. It was a cover story for Vegas Seven.

Read it HERE

books: The Literary Vampire

With Stephanie Meyers’ book Twilight now a full-scale pop culture phenomenon, I thought it would be a great excuse to finally use the Polldaddy’s “skull pattern.” Despite the fact that Morman Meyer claims to have never read a vampire book before she wrote her series, her writing still hails from a rich literary tradition of vamps. Lest we forget the people who came before her, I made this fun poll.