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The Many Joys of Writing a Bar Column in Las Vegas

Journalist Aaron Thompson helping me research the Red Hawk nachos.

Journalist Aaron Thompson helping me research the Red Hawk nachos.

For those of you who don’t yet know, I write a bar column for the Las Vegas Weekly. The premise is simple. Every other week, I seek out the new, the weird, the unusual and the forgotten. And alternately, the popular, the ritzy and the well-trodden. I try to mix it up, going intermittently on and off the beaten path.

Here’s the best part, the editors give me a very long rope with which to hang myself. They encourage creativity, and I, in turn, thank them by testing the limits of their leniency. For example, I think my editor nearly killed me when I turned in a recent column in the form of a movie script. Read it for yourself HERE and decide if the results are worth all the grief I put my editors through.

Or you can read this week’s Bar Exam HERE. After the craziness of writing a script, my editor kindly suggested and I graciously agreed to do something a little more normal. I wrote about a nice little bar in Henderson called Red Hawk.

What do these two articles have in common? The assistance of my friend and journalist Aaron Thompson. Sadly, he’s leaving the country in a few days. Emily, my first “research assistant” moved to Texas. Now Aaron’s leaving, too. Why does Vegas have to be so dang transient? Anybody want to help me research bars in Vegas?

Cheesecake and Crime, soon only on the Web

Perhaps I shouldn’t be talking because I’ve never shopped there. Still, it always hurts to see a bookstore shutter its doors.  But not all is lost. This yummy mystery bookstore will move from 10545 S. Eastern Avenue, Henderson, Nevada to the Internet February 28. Until then, check out their mega going out of business sale.