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art: Vegas Skyline

I’ve been back in Vegas nearly a week now. (There was a little trip to Colorado that I forgot to tell you about.) Anyhoo, what better way to celebrate my return than with a classic image of the Vegas skyline.

South <—                                                               North—>

Building Key: The Luxor is on the south side and hidden by a tree. That starburst on the north side of the strip is the Stratosphere.

Technical: I took the photo at dusk with my Canon Rebel XTI. I set the ASA to 100 for most clarity and then made the aperature as small as possible to get the highest depth of field using the aperature prioity setting. Finally, I found a nice solid lump of concrete to act as a tripod and set the thing off. The exposure was 30 seconds, which actually underexposed it. But I like the effect. Voila.

photography header: Rainy Sunset in Honolulu

Hawaii is so pretty that it takes all the work out of being a photographer.

Normally, I try to make my web page headers reflect my location. But due to the extreme beauty of tropical islands you can expect a lot more photos of Hawaii (even though I returned to the mainland late last night).

art: Arizona Backyard Header

In honor or today (the last day I am a resident of my rent house), I have posted a new header. Ironically, it’s a picture of the backyard in my previous rent house.

Gotta finish packing before the new tenants arrive. Oh and I made $77.17 selling my CDs and DVDs, while I only made $17.75 selling my books. Does this say something about the base values of our society at large or instead reveal the ragtag nature of my ex-book collection?

About the photo: Nothing spectacular. Think it was a point and shoot digital camera. But the flowers are pretty.

art: The Goodbye Arizona Header

This header is my homage to the beautiful, bland suburbs of Arizona. Yes, you can blame the green lawn in the foreground and the forest of non-native palms for at least part of global warming. But isn’t the picture pretty? Don’t the palms make a nice silhouette against the desert sky? And aren’t the retro-hipster houses cute? Excuse my nostalgia, but I leave in about two weeks and my emotions are getting the better of me.

About the Photo: It’s about three years old and I don’t even remember what camera I used. The only photography advice I can give today is to wait for “magic hour” and then snap away. (Magic Hour is the time of evening when the sun is at the horizon and everything turns gold. Rumors say that Magic Hour also happens at sunrise, but I’ve never been around to find out.)

art: New Header Photo

Not only am I an authoress, I’m also an artist. When I was a kid I would do a lot of watercolors because that was the only medium that wouldn’t ruin my brushes (being young and carefree, I was too lazy to wash them immediately). Now I mainly do photography because I am too busy to even do watercolors. Anyway, I will be switching up the header image whenever I feel like it to display some of my art that otherwise has nothing better to do than sit on my hard drive. Enjoy. And, as always, critiques and comments are appreciated.

About this header: Shot with my digital Cannon Rebel at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico a couple years back. With this cropping, the lighting looks weird, but, trust me, the full size version looks better. As a shooting location, White Sands is striking, and I’d recommend it for anybody who’s looking for a cool trip.

NOTE: I do not work in a 770 x 140 pixel format. So you are seeing ultra-cropped versions of my photography. You’ll just have to imagine the rest.