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Hayden’s Ferry Review Holiday Writing Contest

Hayden’s Ferry Review is the literary journal based at my alma mater, ASU. This looks like a fun, little contest, and I wanted to pass it on to you folks. Happy Writing!

So now that Halloween and the elections are over, we can finally concentrate on what everyone really wants to talk about—the holidays! So here’s the skinny: We want you to write a good holiday story or poem. Interpret this liberally. If you want to write about the Solstice (I know I will be!), go right for it. <<READ MORE>>

books/blogosphere: Cover Lover

Idealists say you can’t tell a book by its cover. But if that were true (and it’s hard to even pretend it could be true in today’s occular-centric society), then publishing houses wouldn’t spend millions of dollars making book covers so enticing. In his (or her) weekly blog, an anonymous book afficianado — known simply as “Cover Lover” — explores this exact phenomena.

Pulling from scans of his (or her) extensive personal book collection, Cover Lover examines the changing face of books over time as well as how the same book can be reinvented through its cover to reach an ever-new audience. My favorite post charts how the covers of A Clockwork Orange morph from a leather-clad 1950s motorcycle gang to pure psychedelica.

Here’s the link, in case you missed it: Cover Lover

PS. The Cover Lover blog is part of the many exciting things that the literary journal Hayden’s Ferry Review does. So while you’re over there, check out their other stuff.