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Sometimes I feel like the Girl in the Death Cab Video

This girl right here:

ย Today was one of those days. I took a solitary window-watching trip from Texas to Vegas via Albequerque.ย  Sometimes, I look at an airplane full of strangers bursting with their own lives and since there is only me to remember my existence, sometimes, I wonder if I’m in danger of disappearing into their realities. If I don’t be careful, I’ll melt into the aisle seat’s carry-on, becoming a briefcase in a suburbanย  Atlanta woman’s real estate business.

It’s best to watch this video in low-resolution, full-screen. That way the lone traveler’s facial features are blurred at the edges in a way that allows you to imagine yourself residing inside her (or perhaps her luggage, if your sense of self is as fluid as mine). Sometimes, with the full-screen, even the locations are blurred into geographical androgyny. Or does that make the video creator’s point too obvious?