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The One Key to Making it as a Freelancer Writer

freelancing: Too Much Freedom?

Perhaps it’s the post-vacation blues. Or maybe it’s freelance-itis. But at 2pm today, about 24-hours after I returned “home” to Las Vegas, I had a crushing sense of panic and depression. It’s just so lonely being a writer. And the lack of structure is overwhelming. Now, I’m grateful for everything, but gratitude doesn’t pay the bills or cover the insanity-inducing drone of a fan spinning slowly in a silent room. To all you freelancers out there, have you ever felt this way?

My solution is to go to the gym and then return to the computer with a fresh attitude. Any other tips?

blogosphere: Freelance Folder

My super friend/former editor Pj Perez just sent me a link to this wonderful blog about all things freelance. So far, I’ve found the blog to be way awesome and totally helpful. Check it out.


writing process: FREElancing

After finishing my master’s degree, I was so excited to finally do some freelance writing. As a writer, this is pretty much my life dream. However, I should have studied the word’s etemology before I got too worked up:

Free + lance = freelance

From these two root words, it is obvious that freelance writing is not the most profitable of ventures (at least in the beginning). I’m not sure how the word “lance” applies to me. My best guess is that I have to be careful not to get in any jousting matches because freelancing does not provide health insurance.

NOTE: Any advice in how to become a rich writer is very welcome.

this writer’s life: Don’t Look Down

DISCLAIMER: I promise to post my real review of the movie Rock Star tomorrow.

Tonight I will talk about some of the apprehension (I won’t say “fear”) that is involved with following your dreams. As you may or may not know, I am from Texas and I moved to Arizona to pursue my master’s degree. Now that I’m officially a master, nothing holds me to the Grand Canyon State except four years’ worth of friends and familiarity.

In two weeks, I will set off on my journey to find my fame and fortune as a writer. According to my predictions, this journey will take me to LA, NYC, Europe and finally drop me off in Austin to live out my days in the state of my birth. But first, I must make a pit stop in Las Vegas to build my freelancing portfolio and save up some fortune to fund the rest of my travels.

After a lifetime of being tethered to a textbook, I am excited to embark upon this great adventure. But tonight, I felt sad to leave all friends. That nostalgia devolved into a funk where I kept thinking that all the good memories to be had Arizona had already been had. I nearly lost it, but then I remembered that writers (this applies to all people, really) benefit from looking forward instead of backwards. As they say in rock climbing, “Don’t Look Down!” And tonight was the real life equivalent of taking a good, long stare at the rocks below. But I’m back on track. And as they also say in rock climbing, “focus on your next foothold.” I guess, in my case, they mean Vegas.

Ready, Set, Write!

Those of you who know me personally are keenly aware that I have spent the last four years more (or less) devoted to my master’s degree. I have made many sacrifices in order to obtain this oh so valuable diploma. The biggest of which has been my writing. I would not allow my self to take on large projects (oops, I couldn’t resist the small ones, as my portfolio shows) because I knew it would distract me from my goal.

But as of yesterday, I am 100% finished with my master’s degree! Now I am free to pursue my writing dreams. I feel like a starving child who has been dropped off at the Sizzler’s all-you-can-eat buffet. I want to sample everything. I have a novel that’s been in the works for two years that I have not allowed myself to touch until I graduate. I’m working on a top-secret non-fiction book with my friend David Gardner of Phoenix Art Space and I’ve asked to do a couple articles for his site. Additionally, I spent all day yesterday writing a short story for a romance fiction contest — the first piece of fiction I’ve written in four years and the first romance I’ve written in my entire life. There’s a story I want to pitch to PopMatters and two more I plan on pitching to Women’s Adventure Magazine.

Logic says this pace isn’t sustainable, but I’m so excited that I just can’t help myself. I tell myself to turn the computer off and just watch a movie, but I’d rather be writing. It kinda reminds me of the time in my early childhood (well, I don’t actually remember it, but somebody told me about it recently) when I got to the park and was so exciting that I ran towards the playground in a sprint and bit it on the parking lot curb. Well, the good news is that in this situation, the curb is only proverbial, … right?