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Green Times: Trying Absinthe at Aria

Though it’s embarrassing, I’ve realized that I really do want to become a rich and famous authoress. In order to help facilitate that dream, I’m going to make myself more visible on this blog. Incidentally, I also recently discovered iMovie on my Mac. So when I was trying out this awesome new restaurant called Sage at the new casino Aria at City Center, I filmed the absinthe service. I hope that you will find this film to be as fun as educational as I did. Oh and vote for me for prom queen. (just kidding on that last part.)

That’s Not the Alcohol, You’re Really Seeing Mermaids


Only in Vegas can you find a bar with real, live mermaids. And shark and stingrays and fish, lots of fish…

Read about my trip to Mermaids Lounge at the Silverton Lodge in the latest installment of my bar column for the Las Vegas Weekly.

And I took this photo from the bar. Huzzah!