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The Song that Death Cab Must Have Written For Me

The resemblance is eerie. My favorite line: “Every slot machine is a robot amputee waving hello.”

This “fan video” was made by filmmaker Ross Ching looking to get his stuff seen. I’d say it worked. You can see how he made the cool video HERE.

Sometimes I feel like the Girl in the Death Cab Video

This girl right here:

 Today was one of those days. I took a solitary window-watching trip from Texas to Vegas via Albequerque.  Sometimes, I look at an airplane full of strangers bursting with their own lives and since there is only me to remember my existence, sometimes, I wonder if I’m in danger of disappearing into their realities. If I don’t be careful, I’ll melt into the aisle seat’s carry-on, becoming a briefcase in a suburban  Atlanta woman’s real estate business.

It’s best to watch this video in low-resolution, full-screen. That way the lone traveler’s facial features are blurred at the edges in a way that allows you to imagine yourself residing inside her (or perhaps her luggage, if your sense of self is as fluid as mine). Sometimes, with the full-screen, even the locations are blurred into geographical androgyny. Or does that make the video creator’s point too obvious?