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Blog, yes. But what about?

As a full-time writer, you’d think it’d be easy for me to decide what to blog about. But au contraire, dear reader. Between having to protect my name as a brand (i.e., no self-incriminating posts) and the desire not to scoop my own stories, I’m blogged into a corner. To solve this problem, my blog has devolved into short tidbits that are (hopefully) helpful to other writers/bloggers/readers/etc. However, I fear I play it so safe that my blog has become bland, boring even. What’s the solution? Any advice?

Tonight, as I was leaving the soft opening of Fuego at the Rio, I realized that people may be more interested in reading about Las Vegas as a topic than they are in a reading sanitized version of my life. So I’m going to test the waters with some upcoming posts about Vegas. What do you think? Might it be interesting? It seems to have worked for many other local bloggers.

blogosphere: Adventures of Hollywood Jane

As you know, this blog chronicles my long rise to writing fame and fortune. However, I am not alone in this quest, nor am I alone in this genre of blogging. Here is one of my sistren:


This is how she describes her blog:

The chronicle of an early twenty-something’s attempts to find an agent for her fantasy-satire young adult novel, get a job writing for the black hole of television, and generally navigate the stagnant ocean of her life.

Though I think her posts are a little long for the casual reader, I do think her idea is compelling. So the next time you get sick of me, go and check her out!

A link to a link to a…

This post is either the definition of infinity or a sign that I need to turn off my computer and re-find a life. But look at this! Neil Gaiman linked to my article about him on his website, and I’m linking to his website to show the link back to my article. Don’t try to imagine it in your head, just click here:


PS. If you’re curious as to what it’s like to be a full-time rich and famous writer, then you should check out his blog while you’re in the neighborhood.

blogosphere: Freelance Folder

My super friend/former editor Pj Perez just sent me a link to this wonderful blog about all things freelance. So far, I’ve found the blog to be way awesome and totally helpful. Check it out.


blogosphere: The Hype Today

A pretty cool blog about “music, art, culture and activism” picked up my LA.Direct article about Dave Navarro. I have to give them credit for having good taste: Not only did TheHypeToday.com find MY article but they were also able to discern what I think is the most interesting and relevant part of the interview. CHECK IT OUT

blogosphere: 32nd Annual Pj Perez Week

If you haven’t heard of him yet, Pj Perez is a self-described journalist, blogger and raconteur. But perhaps that description is a little too humble. Why? Because he’s great and amazing! I met Perez when he was hired to be the editor of Racket magazine and I instantly liked him. But don’t take my word for it. Today marks the conclusion of the 32nd Annual Pj Perez Week, so there is no better time than now to check out his creative genius for yourself.

Pj’s blog

Pj’s Awesome Web site about comics

Pj’s Blog about all things Vegas

blogosphere: My Firs Cell Phone Post

@nlike all u hipsters, i dont own an iPhone. Nope-im too much of a strugging writer to enjoy the perks of trendiness. Poor me, all i get is verizns dual flip phone with qwerty keyboard & full internt capability. Its a samsung lg someting or other. The downside of cell phone blogging–well, oher than carpal tunnel–is that u cant open more tha one window. Oh, and im alieating my friends as i type. Speaking of which, i better go.