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New Exhibit at Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

Graphic patterns of eaten chocolate at Bellagio's "Figuratively Speaking" opening reception

You may not know this about me, but I have been passionate about art my entire life. In fact, for the majority of my life I was certain that I would become an artist. (My parents must have been relieved with I chose the much more stable career path of writer.)

This passion was nourished by lots of art supplies and near-religious trips to the art museum throughout my childhood. Growing up in the Dallas area, we had a lot of art museums to choose from (The Kimbell was my favorite and I even had a college internship there). Unfortunately, Vegas is fresh out of traditional art museums (though the Atomic Testing Museum often runs free art exhibits).

In Sin City, when all else fails you can generally find what you’re looking for in a casino. Thus when I attended the opening of the new show at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art: “Figuratively Speaking: A Survey of the Human Form,” I was overjoyed to find something akin to the art museums I used to frequent in Texas.

READ MY REVIEW OF THE ART SHOW HERE or read the hard copy in this week’s issue of Vegas Seven.

new header: Painterly LA Skyline


I took this picture at my friend’s house in LA. She is living at the top of a Hollywood Hill. Yep, it’s the same hill I fell off. Every rose has its thorn and whatnot

Technical Photo Info: I think this photo looks like a painting of a place or a studio backdrop for a movie, which I guess is fitting for Hollywood. But, it’s real. And I just used my crappy small point-and-shoot. But I did put it on the night photography mode and rested it on a steady surface to accomodate the long exposure.

my latest publication: Photojournalistic Account of First Friday in Vegas

No words this time, folks. Just my purty, purty pictures. (See above for example of my visual genius.)

See a slide show of my photography from Las Vegas’ First Friday Art Walk.