I did not actually wear a beret in France. (Illustration by Rick Quemado)

Illustration by Rick Quemado

The Absence of Heat

There are no jazz standards about September in Paris.





Illustration by Ryan Olbrysh

Illustration by Ryan Olbrysh

The Eternal Offseason

When the volleyball team roster was posted, I scanned the names, certain mine would pop. I looked a second time. Slowly. Reading every name so that, this time, I wouldn’t miss a “Cindi.” But it wasn’t there. Not even on the ‘B’ team.





C. Moon Reed, intrepid 2-D starlet

Kim Kardashian, Las Vegas and the Fame Game

If anything, the true challenge of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is an esoteric, meditative one: You’re playing to keep your money.



Illustration by Travis Jackson

Illustration by Travis Jackson

The Cult of Not Missing Out

She was a true believer … and then she broke free





Illustration by Jason Munn

Illustration by Jason Munn

Read ’Em and Don’t Weep

Think you’re too cool for YA fiction? I did, too, until I accidentally read The Hunger Games




Famous, Almost

Then an undeclared freshman, I didn’t yet relate to Cameron Crowe’s autobiographical tale of an emerging rock journalist. But with each subsequent viewing, my life inched closer to the plot line.