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What I Did on NYE

Read About My Experience HERE

Self Portrait: Kissing 2009 Goodbye

Big smiles, but no kisses at midnight

Big smiles, but no kisses at midnight


New Year, New Bars

Mericia & I at the "Friendly Bar" at Sahara Hotel & Casino

Contrary to what you may be thinking, this is not one of those cheesy New Years Resolution blog posts. As for resolutions, I haven’t gotten around to making any yet. Instead, I encourage you all to continue a vice in 2010. Vices have a much higher success rate than resolutions, thus promoting a higher self-esteem. I suggest that you choose the vice of “drinking in sundry Vegas bars.” If, for whatever reason, this vice is not available to you, then I suggest you do the next best thing and read my bar column.

My most recent bar adventure happened at a wonderful little nook in the otherwise down-trodden Sahara Hotel and Casino. Their main claim to fame is their Dollar Beer/Shot/Hot Dog menu and one really awesome bartender. This may not seem like much, but having been to many many Vegas bars, I tell you, it beats the hell out of novelty bars.


Random Vegas Photo: The Hellish Heat of Sin City

Summer Heat in Vegas

Summer Heat in Vegas

I’m cheating. This is a photo from last summer. Further more, I didn’t even take this photo. So much for the grand showcase of my photography. But when it’s hot as hell, what’s a small little sin such as fibbing and plagiarism? Oddly enough, I’ve escaped the heat for two weeks by going home to Texas. Humidity, anyone?

Bubaloooo! New Bar Exam: Florida Cafe

This is what powers my column

This is what powers my column

Yes, folks, it’s that time again. I can’t really give you any top secret, behind-the-scenes stories from the making of this Bar Exam, because I put all the juice in the article. Nothing to see here, move along. Go directly to my story and read it.

Wait a second, there is one interesting tidbit for ya. I took the photo for the background of my Twitter page in the lobby of the Downtown LV Howard Johnson hotel on my first trip to the Florida Cafe.


my Twitter background/Downtown LV HoJo

I Heart Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell (Satellite Party)

Perry Farrell (Satellite Party)

I’m transcribing an interview I did with Jane’s Addiction frontman a little while back. I have to say he and his wife Etty are super super nice. When dealing with celebrities, courtesy is often in short supply. But they were so nice that I can skip next year’s screening of It’s a Wonderful Life because I’ve hit my 2009 quota on goodwill. Thanks for being awesome!

(Photo by Brian Birzer & check out his awesome blog)

Writer’s Market Online Update

I just got this mass email from Writer’s Market. Seems they are aware of the problemo and trying to fix it.

As you’re aware if you’ve visited the site recently, there are some glitches with the search and submission tracker. However, our programmers feel most of these issues may be fixed as early as today. In the meantime, I encourage you to use the community area of the site, check out the Market Watch updates, and perform more general searches.
Until next we meet, keep writing and marketing what you write.
Robert Lee Brewer
Writer’s Market

Life According to a Pick-Up Artist

I haven’t gotten around to blogging about this, but I succombed and joined Twitter. One of the most interesting things about Twitter is discovering the random people who follow me. They must have found me for a reason. What is that reason?

For example, a guy who runs a pick-up artist website is now following me. He is clearly doing this for advertising But why? I’m not a dude. And I’m not looking to pick up chicks. So I’m not his demo. I guess I could “DM” him and find out, but I’m afraid of his answer. So we’ll let that one slide because his advertising worked. I checked out his website and discovered ….

…drumroll please….

….that his advice for picking up chicks applies to almost any non-chick-picking-up situation. For example, the Dec 31 post could most definitely apply to writing. Here’s an excerpt:

Every choice we make is not just a single event in a vacuum. No, every choice we make sets the direction of our momentum.

Here’s the website in its full glory. Now go and learn something.