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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Kindle

Check out my green Kindle cover with Shag sticker. (I'm not smiling because I'm concentrating on holding my computer with one hand while pushing the photo button. ... So much for stoicism.)

For my birthday, I got the best present in the world: A Kindle! (Thanks, Dad.)

When e-readers came out a couple years ago, I’ll admit that I was terrified of them. To me, they represented the end of all that was real and true about books … before I even got a chance to publish my own.

Two things changed my mind:
1. The technology got better.
2. I realized that despite my lifelong love of reading novels, I had fallen out of the habit. Instead, I frittered away my free time obsessively reading the New York Times online. Why? Because it was convenient. For me, getting a Kindle was leveling the playing field for books.

Why a Kindle?: Although I’m starting to fear that Amazon may be the next evil empire, I chose its e-reader. Sure I could have gone with the flashier iPad or the touchscreen Nook. But I did not want a FaceBook machine or an Angry Birds console, I wanted a device that was as much like a real book as possible. So far, Kindle has been wonderful.

The agony and ecstasy of choosing a cover: For the first time in my life, the cover of a book was not the thing that held the pages together, it was a reflection of myself. I wanted to proclaim to the world that I was smart, I was an intellectual, and that I had a fabulous sense of style.

I narrowed down my Kindle cover options to three types: 1. The covers that are made to look like copies of the New Yorker (but which one?) 2. The covers that look like literary novels (but which one?) 3. The Kate Spade covers that also look like novels (Great Gatsby was my fave).

I’ll spare you the agony and dispense the results. After so much thought, I ended up picking Amazon’s own cover because it had so many more amenities. The built-in light that’s powered through the e-reader is awesome. And in the end, with the help of a couple stickers, I have a cover that’s all my own!

The back of my Kindle: The two Shag stickers tell a story, if you look carefully.

Ghost Adventures at Vanity Nightclub

Staring Down the Ghost of Clubbing Past w/ Aaron Goodwin of Ghost Adventure

One of my many favorite things about Vegas is that you never know who will turn up at a nightclub. Last night I hit up Vanity at the Hard Rock with the girls of the LV Weekly Team Hangover crew. And who did I run into but the cast of the Travel Channel’s show “Ghost Adventure.” Aaron told me that he indeed believes in ghosts. I do not, but I didn’t hassle him about it because I imagine he has a vested interest in that belief. And while I don’t believe in ghosts, I do believe in ghost HUNTERS. All in all, a fun time at the hippest, hoppest, coolest new club in town. (Just don’t tell the other new clubs I said so.)

Ikea’s Toilet Roll/ Magazine Holder

Racken $19.99

Racken $19.99


Sheer Genius.

$19.99 to make your dreams come true!

Stores up to 8 rolls of toilet paper AND reading material. Though I can’t tell where the magazines go from the picture. With all those toilet paper rolls, maybe they only left enough room to store a Kindle.

Buy yours here!

NOTE: I think I may have jumped the gun on this. Upon further investigation, it seems that this contraption doesn’t hold magazines at all. Somebody should invent something that does. Please, people, make the world a better place by inventing a dual holder for the universe’s two most valuable objexts!

My First 15 Minutes…if you can call it that

A couple weeks ago, I happened to appear in the background of two photos in Las Vegas Weekly online articles.

Photo by Chris Weeks/WireImage

Photo by Chris Weeks/WireImage

In the first photo, I serve as an illustration of the awful craziness that is the celeb-media shark fest (which is only a little funny because everybody looks so happy). I suggest reading the fascinating article by Greg Beato yourself because I am too tired to give an accurate account of it. (Sorry Greg, if I didn’t do your awesome article justice.)

Weeky reporter C. Moon Reed gets an unexpected lick from Monotonix. Never wash that cheek again. by Aaron Thompson

"Weeky reporter C. Moon Reed gets an unexpected lick from Monotonix. Never wash that cheek again." by Aaron Thompson

In the second photo, my good friend and photographer Aaron Thompson captured me when he was shooting the Monotonix show.  It was quite the exciting suprise to find the photo published online the next morning. My editor Spencer Patterson even mentioned me in his writeup of the show. Spencer wrote an awesome review, which you really must read. On behalf of him, I’ll also mention that the Monotonix are the best live band ever.

Not So New Bar Exam: Bill’s Gambling Hall


I’m here today to advertise the newest installment of my bar column. Except it’s not so new, because the story came out about two weeks ago.  As I said, I’ve been busy.

In a fit of high school photo class nostalgia, I took this picture on the exterior wall of my story’s subject.

Is the symbolism too heavy?

Meh, who cares? It’s Vegas, you can get away with all sins, even those of bad writing.

Speaking of bad writing, read this wonderful example of good writing right here: Bar Exam: Bill’s Gambling Hall

Another Day, Another Rockstar

(actual rockstar not pictured)

(actual rockstar not pictured)

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to interview another rockstar. This is technically more exciting than a normal day in the life of C. Moon Reed. Do you think the extra excitement will cause me to bound out of bed like it’s Christmas morning?

Or will I push snooze? Since it’s Vegas, let’s play a little game of chance. You put money on how many times I push snooze. And if you win, I’ll send you a…free signed copy of the Las Vegas Weekly! And if you lose, you send me the money that you bet.

I put the odds at 4 over.

I Heart Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell (Satellite Party)

Perry Farrell (Satellite Party)

I’m transcribing an interview I did with Jane’s Addiction frontman a little while back. I have to say he and his wife Etty are super super nice. When dealing with celebrities, courtesy is often in short supply. But they were so nice that I can skip next year’s screening of It’s a Wonderful Life because I’ve hit my 2009 quota on goodwill. Thanks for being awesome!

(Photo by Brian Birzer & check out his awesome blog)