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It’s Lovely at the Top

Viewing Deck of the Stratosphere (NOT Level 107 Bar)


It took two tries to find the perfect Stratosphere bar. Most people wouldn’t give the Stratosphere that many chances. But that is why most people aren’t bar columnists.


Models Cavort at Level 107 Lounge atop the Stratosphere

As you can see in the above photo, the Level 107 bar was more than worth the exploration.


Check it out. And read my stuff. And remember, if you’re drinking, you won’t have to pay to get to the top. How’s that for a deal?

Green Times: Trying Absinthe at Aria

Though it’s embarrassing, I’ve realized that I really do want to become a rich and famous authoress. In order to help facilitate that dream, I’m going to make myself more visible on this blog. Incidentally, I also recently discovered iMovie on my Mac. So when I was trying out this awesome new restaurant called Sage at the new casino Aria at City Center, I filmed the absinthe service. I hope that you will find this film to be as fun as educational as I did. Oh and vote for me for prom queen. (just kidding on that last part.)

That’s Not the Alcohol, You’re Really Seeing Mermaids


Only in Vegas can you find a bar with real, live mermaids. And shark and stingrays and fish, lots of fish…

Read about my trip to Mermaids Lounge at the Silverton Lodge in the latest installment of my bar column for the Las Vegas Weekly.

And I took this photo from the bar. Huzzah!

More Adventures in Seedy Las Vegas Bars

Hey, who you calling seedy? That’s what the imaginary Davy of Davy’s Locker would say if he were a real human capable of reading blogs instead of a mythical pirate. In Las Vegas (as opposed to under the sea), Davy’s Locker refers to a spirited little dive bar. As an example of this spirit, note the halloween tree in the corner.

Read all about it in the latest edition of my bar column for the Las Vegas Weekly.

Random Vegas Food Photo: Top Secret Vegetable Plate

Bobby Flay's Top Secret Vegetables

Bobby Flay's Top Secret Vegetables

Right now I’m working on my next bar exam. But I’m having difficulties, so it’s time to procrastinate!

I bring you, Random Vegas Food Photo stolen from somebody’s plate whose dinner I crashed. The restaurant was Mesa Grill. The person was a vegan. I am not. Nonetheless, I was so jealous of his dish that I just had to take a picture.

Now back to my regularly scheduled writing assignment.

Meals You Can’t Have in Vegas: No. 1 Chick-Fil-A


*A gazillion happy calories*

As you may have noticed, Vegas is a culinary treasure trove and/or feeding trough depending on your budget and tackiness tolerance. This is very good for me because I love the pleasure of eating. I don’t gamble, so food is the sin I claim in Sin City. Nonetheless, there are a few things money CAN”T buy in Vegas, and one of them is Chick-Fil-A. Perhaps it’s because the company is Christian and the whole being closed on Sunday thing didn’t vibe well with a modern-day Sodom & Gomorra. Or perhaps they refused to anchor a casino food court on moral grounds. Whatever it is, Las Vegas is missing out. So one of the many things I did in Texas was indulge in a little pseudo-healthy fried chicken goodness. And crispy, happy waffle fries. And Polynesian Sauce. The best.

New Bar Exam: Rockhouse Las Vegas



Read all about the joys of playing the booze guitar in the latest installation of my bar column for the Las Vegas Weekly. Also, could somebody in Vegas please pick up an extra copy of the Weekly for me as I am still in Texas. Thanks!