C. Moon Reed, incognito


UPDATE: I’ve been the A&E editor at Vegas Seven magazine for nearly five years now. You can keep up with my latest stories on my author page.

I am a freelance writer, blogger, photographer and adventurer. Since I am lucky enough to write about the things I love, I didn’t bother listing them all here. But if you want to see more of my “likes,” check out my portfolio.


C. Moon Reed is my pen name, and it has quite the story behind it (I’ll tell you later). I also write under Cynthia Reed (really professional situations) and Cindi Reed (when writing among friends).


  • MA in Communication from Arizona State University
  • BA in English Language and Writing from the University of North Texas

Likes: music, watermelon, riding my bike, the dry heat of Arizona Nevada, deep fried anything

Dislikes: math, deep fried anything