Monthly Archives: December 2010

Christmastime at the Double Down

Merry Christmas everyone. I’m stuck at the airport. I’ve been here for hours. Hours! So, by process of elimination, I have chosen to blog. Thank goodness for free wi-fi at McCarran airport. It’s a low-grad Christmas miracle.

Since my mind is somewhat numb, I will write about the easiest thing: things I’ve already written about. So here you go, some recent articles with some commentary.

* Merry X-Mas Dammit from the Double Down Saloon. So, I found myself at the notorious Double Down Saloon last Saturday afternoon celebrating the little known but beloved holiday of Pastramikah. Next thing I know, I’m sitting next to the charming chef Kerry Simon, and P Moss is giving both of us his holiday CD. I didn’t consider writing about it because the CD is from 2007, but the music is so fresh and fun, I couldn’t resist. In Vegas, something from 2007 counts as classic anyways.

* Boyz II Men at the Flamingo. Although I’m not a huge fan of this band, I had a lot of fun writing this article. A lot of fun. And I won’t lie, I stood up in my chair and danced when they played their song that keeps repeating their name over and over again.

* Frank Sinatra Dance with Me at Wynn. This show was great. And I forced our managing editor to let me review it. Although I wonder if the show will stick. The problem is matching the right audience to the show. With all the sexy dancing, I think it appeals to the Zumanity crowd, and yet they’d never know it from the show posters.

* Leonard Cohen at Caesars Palace. This show was simply transcendent. I am literally honored to have seen him perform. It was also one of the easiest reviews I’ve ever written because the show lasted 3.5 hours, allowing me to write copious notes. BTW, I saw Cohen at Coachella a couple years back. I didn’t know it at the time, but the outdoor venue in no way did his music justice.

minUMENTAL INVITATIONAL at Trifecta Gallery. One day, when I am rich, I will collect art. That day has not yet come, so I was really excited about this mini art show at Trifecta. However, I was so disappointed because the art was still out of my price range. Don’t get me wrong, it was reasonably priced. Just not journalistically priced.