Green Times: Trying Absinthe at Aria

Though it’s embarrassing, I’ve realized that I really do want to become a rich and famous authoress. In order to help facilitate that dream, I’m going to make myself more visible on this blog. Incidentally, I also recently discovered iMovie on my Mac. So when I was trying out this awesome new restaurant called Sage at the new casino Aria at City Center, I filmed the absinthe service. I hope that you will find this film to be as fun as educational as I did. Oh and vote for me for prom queen. (just kidding on that last part.)

5 responses to “Green Times: Trying Absinthe at Aria

  1. I’m so glad you like it. I’m new at this so I’m trying to find out if it’s worth the effort or not.

  2. People like moving pictures I hear.

  3. I’ve not seen Absinthe tried that way. It’s usually consumed with cold water poured over a sugar cube on a flat spoon with holes. The main ingredient in absinthe, thujone, is suppose to have a similar effect on the brain as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. That’s the juice for the 4:20 pm “red-eye”crowd. Party on, Cindi. You mom is cool, she can vouch for me.

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