New Year, New Bars

Mericia & I at the "Friendly Bar" at Sahara Hotel & Casino

Contrary to what you may be thinking, this is not one of those cheesy New Years Resolution blog posts. As for resolutions, I haven’t gotten around to making any yet. Instead, I encourage you all to continue a vice in 2010. Vices have a much higher success rate than resolutions, thus promoting a higher self-esteem. I suggest that you choose the vice of “drinking in sundry Vegas bars.” If, for whatever reason, this vice is not available to you, then I suggest you do the next best thing and read my bar column.

My most recent bar adventure happened at a wonderful little nook in the otherwise down-trodden Sahara Hotel and Casino. Their main claim to fame is their Dollar Beer/Shot/Hot Dog menu and one really awesome bartender. This may not seem like much, but having been to many many Vegas bars, I tell you, it beats the hell out of novelty bars.


One response to “New Year, New Bars

  1. Ah… Miller High Life… nice. The worst is finding a bar that has it, and you ask for “a Miller” and they had you a MGD or a Lite.

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