Escaping Vegas Only to Find it Again

Cirque de Soleil's KOOZA in Santa Monica

The key to living in Las Vegas without losing your mind is to leave it often. I generally fail at this task, preferring to be swept away by a comforting womb of neon. But this past weekend, I escaped the Vegas madness for madness of a different kind. With my friend M. in tow, I drove all the way to the ocean last Friday. When that wasn’t far enough West, we got out of our cars and walked to the end of the Santa Monica pier. The sound of nature was disorienting. (Nature being ocean waves and seagulls). Even though I believe in my own personal Manifest Destiny, LA is a big, scary city. And without the comforting sound of slot machines, I was feeling uneasy. But then we saw something that made us feel right at home: the Cirque de Soleil big top. My relief was palpable and after the Cirque sighting, we had a fabulous trip.

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