I O U 1 Novel

As you may have noticed my long absence from the blogosphere, things have been crazy for the last few months. But I’m back and better than ever. Friday night, I celebrated my return to the writing world with a trip to restaurant/club LAVO at the Palazzo Hotel & Casino.  On that very special day, I made my writing goal official by writing it on a cocktail napkin and taking a picture of it. In case you can’t read the napkin, it says that I will be finished with my novel in six months (April 2010)… or ELSE!IMG_5675

6 responses to “I O U 1 Novel

  1. hey! just in time for you to come visit us in texas :o) (we’ll be home april 2010!)

  2. flighttoinsanity

    cute. wonder how long it will take to finish witing our book?

  3. Nice! Always good to visualize your goals. I hope this next bit doesn’t sound too nasty but…

    Writers, write. And not on napkins. Get crackin’! I’ll bet you a dollar I beat your deadline.

  4. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, Adam!

    Thanks for your support, Everybody!

  5. it’s april 2010.. did you finish?

    • I haven’t finished, but I haven’t quit yet either. If you look at how long it’s taken me to do a 30-day yoga challenge (60 days and counting), then perhaps this should come as no surprise. Are you writing a novel, Mark? If so, how have you been progressing?

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