Monthly Archives: October 2009

More Adventures in Seedy Las Vegas Bars

Hey, who you calling seedy? That’s what the imaginary Davy of Davy’s Locker would say if he were a real human capable of reading blogs instead of a mythical pirate. In Las Vegas (as opposed to under the sea), Davy’s Locker refers to a spirited little dive bar. As an example of this spirit, note the halloween tree in the corner.

Read all about it in the latest edition of my bar column for the Las Vegas Weekly.

I O U 1 Novel

As you may have noticed my long absence from the blogosphere, things have been crazy for the last few months. But I’m back and better than ever. Friday night, I celebrated my return to the writing world with a trip to restaurant/club LAVO at the Palazzo Hotel & Casino.  On that very special day, I made my writing goal official by writing it on a cocktail napkin and taking a picture of it. In case you can’t read the napkin, it says that I will be finished with my novel in six months (April 2010)… or ELSE!IMG_5675