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Random Vegas Food Photo: Top Secret Vegetable Plate

Bobby Flay's Top Secret Vegetables

Bobby Flay's Top Secret Vegetables

Right now I’m working on my next bar exam. But I’m having difficulties, so it’s time to procrastinate!

I bring you, Random Vegas Food Photo stolen from somebody’s plate whose dinner I crashed. The restaurant was Mesa Grill. The person was a vegan. I am not. Nonetheless, I was so jealous of his dish that I just had to take a picture.

Now back to my regularly scheduled writing assignment.

Happy Birthday to Me!


The Ghost of Birthdays Past

Today is my birthday. Three years ago, I thought it would be fun to buy a ’50s prom dress from Goodwill, chop it up into something “hip” and don a tiara. Did I mention the birthday party with red cups and a special stirrer for the birthday girl? I can so no better way to bid farewell to youth.

But now I’m a grown up and seem to be waving to youth in the distance as it slowly backs away. The best way to celebrate? With the knowledge that this year didn’t see my novel completed, but next year will, damnit! Hoozah! Now go buy me something!

NOTE: With 10 minutes to spare before my birthday, I hit the 150-page mark on my novel!

The Song that Death Cab Must Have Written For Me

The resemblance is eerie. My favorite line: “Every slot machine is a robot amputee waving hello.”

This “fan video” was made by filmmaker Ross Ching looking to get his stuff seen. I’d say it worked. You can see how he made the cool video HERE.

Hoover Dam & the Bypass Bridge from the Air

Dam, Hoover!

Dam, Hoover!

Since so many people seem to be interested in photos of the Hoover Dam and the progression of the bypass bridge, I decided to post another photo. I took this one while fly from El Paso to Las Vegas in Southwest about a month ago. Notice that the Bypass bridge looks impressive even from the air. You may also see the low water level. Ahh, the good and ill of technology. This is why I always ask for a window seat.

A Vegas Local’s Take on “Winner Takes All”

winner takes all

My friend and journalist Richard Abowitz suggested I read this book. Since he has been writing about Vegas forever, I took his advice. The book was so good that I now want you to take his advice.

Despite the fact that Winner is non-fiction I couldn’t put it down. Christina Binkley, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, achieved what every high school history teacher dreams of: She made history exciting. Sure she may have misspelled Danny Gans’ name once and there are rumors that she mixed up a few dates, but the book is indelible.

Basically, it explains what happened in the last 10-odd years to make Vegas what it is today. But mainly it’s a psychological portrait of the title’s three moguls. I’ve lived in Vegas for a year now and I’ve always felt like I arrived in the middle of a conversation. This book gave me an understanding of what I’ve been missing.

The only complaint I had was that this book didn’t have a satisfying conclusion. It seemed to stop instead of end. Certainly, the fortunes of Vegas has shifted since the book was published in 2008. If you’d like an update, check out this fascinating article in the Las Vegas Sun, which interviews three retired casino execs about the Big Crash.

I’d recommend this book to people who like: Las Vegas | business and development | a fast-paced non-fiction book | wheeling & dealing | an understanding of modern American pop culture

But don’t take my word for it, read these reviews:

Liz Benston in the Las Vegas Sun

– David G. Schwartz on his Vegas Blog, The Die is Cast

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