Random Vegas Photo: Serendipity 3

Serendipity III (outside Caesars Palace)

Serendipity 3 (outside Caesars Palace)

Since my life in Las Vegas often feels like a perpetual vacation, I’m always taking touristey snapshots.Those photos are doing nothing more than rotting on my hard drive, and I realized I might as well share them. I can only hope that you the interneter will be interested by a desire to learn about Vegas…or that you have some sort of stalker, prurient interest. I aim to please. So, without futher ado, see the above photo.

My dining buddy took this snapshot at the new restaurant Serendipity 3. According to my friend (who happens to be from Brooklyn), this restaurant is an expansion of the beloved New York institution. He said the veggie burger wasn’t as good as the ones at Serendipity I. But the hot dog (pictured above) and the famous frozen hot chocolate were still fabulous.

Bonus to tourists: Sit on the balcony and watch people walk the strip below. Also, the prices are reasonable and the portions are generous (see above photo). I challenge you to say that about any other restaurant at Casears Palace (excluding the food court).

6 responses to “Random Vegas Photo: Serendipity 3

  1. I looked at your t shirt for awhile to figure out what was on the front. Cute!

  2. Sounds delicious, but what is a frozen hot chocolate? Oh, and you can post all the photos you want to as far as I’m concerned!

  3. Food court at Caesars = bad associations for me. If you recall a few weekends back. ;)

  4. My t-shirt says, “I Only Date Musicians,” which is more or less true.

    Pj, what happened at the Caesars food court? I think I lost you after you wandered away from Pure. : )

  5. Apparently you did not hear about Lindsey and I having dueling nausea after getting home.

  6. The dark side of an open bar reveals itself! Rar!

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