My First Hundred Pages

I was recently reading an article in USA Today about author Dean Koontz. I don’t believe  I’ve ever read one of his books, but I must be missing out on something because he’s sold 400-odd million copies, as much as JK Rowling. To me, the thing that really stuck out about his interview was when he said that he’s a homebody with basically no desire to ever leave his house. As you can imagine, that frees up a lot of time for writing. Little suprise, Koontz is incredibly prolific.

On the other hand, the thought of ever missing the party, any party, just kills me. Problem with living in Vegas: There’s always a party to miss. Little suprise, I’m having trouble making the progress I would like on my first novel.

Today was the opening party of Cinevegas, our local film festival. Today I missed the party. I missed the opening film screening. I missed the red carpet. And I missed the after-party at Prive nightclub. It hurt inside. I spent all night checking Twitter and Facebook and the Cinevegas website to see what I was missing. Since I was already on my computer, I decided I might as well write. While I did miss the party, I also happened to breach 100 pages on my novel. Double spaced. It’s only 50 pages single spaced, but let’s be positive. ONE HUNDRED PAGES! Onward! Of course, the Cinevegas party goes on for a week. Will I be as productive tomorrow?

2 responses to “My First Hundred Pages

  1. Who cares about missing a party when you have 100 pages! Yay! Congratulations!

    100 pages is a ridiculous number to me because I rarely write a poem that is longer than a page. Actually, I rarely write a poem longer than 20 lines.

  2. Valerie, thank you so much for the encouragement. Living in Vegas, it’s sometimes hard to remember that writing 100 pages is better than going to a party. But then again, if you’d seen the parties in Vegas… ; )

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