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Coachella! Paul McCartney! Something!

The music festival Coachella has been over a few days now. I miss it. But thanks to the magic of the Internet, I can relive past glory through an audio/video reproduction that in now way captures the experience. I think I just stumbled on the definition of “sublime.”

So here you go, one of my favorite moments from Coachella, whittled down to a sad copy. But I guess it’s nice that something is saved from the tentacles of the Internet. Computers can’t yet substitute reality. Thank God.

My First 15 Minutes…if you can call it that

A couple weeks ago, I happened to appear in the background of two photos in Las Vegas Weekly online articles.

Photo by Chris Weeks/WireImage

Photo by Chris Weeks/WireImage

In the first photo, I serve as an illustration of the awful craziness that is the celeb-media shark fest (which is only a little funny because everybody looks so happy). I suggest reading the fascinating article by Greg Beato yourself because I am too tired to give an accurate account of it. (Sorry Greg, if I didn’t do your awesome article justice.)

Weeky reporter C. Moon Reed gets an unexpected lick from Monotonix. Never wash that cheek again. by Aaron Thompson

"Weeky reporter C. Moon Reed gets an unexpected lick from Monotonix. Never wash that cheek again." by Aaron Thompson

In the second photo, my good friend and photographer Aaron Thompson captured me when he was shooting the Monotonix show.  It was quite the exciting suprise to find the photo published online the next morning. My editor Spencer Patterson even mentioned me in his writeup of the show. Spencer wrote an awesome review, which you really must read. On behalf of him, I’ll also mention that the Monotonix are the best live band ever.

Not So New Bar Exam: Bill’s Gambling Hall


I’m here today to advertise the newest installment of my bar column. Except it’s not so new, because the story came out about two weeks ago.  As I said, I’ve been busy.

In a fit of high school photo class nostalgia, I took this picture on the exterior wall of my story’s subject.

Is the symbolism too heavy?

Meh, who cares? It’s Vegas, you can get away with all sins, even those of bad writing.

Speaking of bad writing, read this wonderful example of good writing right here: Bar Exam: Bill’s Gambling Hall

busy busy no time for bloggy bloggy

So much time writing, no time to blog. But I guess a full freelance plate is the goal, right? Right?

Read my latest, it’s a cover story for the Las Vegas Weekly: Hanging Out with the Cast of Freaks

More to come later. I miss you all.