Can’t Get Enough Valentines? Write a Romance Novel!

If the reality of Valentine’s Day left you feeling unfulfilled, why not write it the way you wish it’d happened? And if you’re going to do write a romance novel, you might as well learn from the pros.

Without further ado, here’s the link to Harlequin’s Writing Guidlines

Really, this website makes it so easy for aspiring writers that the Writer’s Market should be contemplating it’s relevancy. eHarlequin even offers a manuscript critique service for those writers who have more money than talent (not that that’s a bad thing).

Come to think of it, maybe I’d be better served to abadon my literary novel and write a few juicy bodice-rippers. Something tell’s me it’d be more profitable.

3 responses to “Can’t Get Enough Valentines? Write a Romance Novel!

  1. YES. DO IT!

    I often think of taking a crack at one myself, but then I think, shudderingly, I’d have to *read* one first…

    • I will! I want to. I just have to find the time and come up with my romance novelist name. I’m sure it can be divined the same way people come up with their stripper name: “name of childhood pet + name of street that you live on”

  2. Just write, you two. Does your work need labels? Jens, you would be a natural at romance, just take a tiny bit of gore out of your first novel and you would have one already. You don’t have to read one to write one, either.

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