A YouTube Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! In lieu of giving you consumerist goods that will either wilt or make you fat, I’m giving you the gift of youtube! Below are a few different looks at love as seen through music videos:

New York Hipster Pseudo French Love (by Nous Non Plus):

Love Dissected on a Petri Dish by my favorite musician Andrew Bird:

Actual French Love Song (Actually she’s Italian, but she married a Frenchie):

Retro Love:

3 responses to “A YouTube Valentine

  1. OMG! That is my favorite Andrew Bird song ever! That CD has been in my car for at least 3 months now. How lazy am I that I didn’t even know it had a video. Awesome! And now I want to go make a bunch of jewelry bugs. I’ll be the coolest kid in the library. Happy V-day!

    • I have been hoping to marry Andrew Bird ever since I saw him perform at Coachella two years ago. So far, he has not responding to my adoring myspace comments.

  2. actually she is a french model with italian origins who got married the french president. Since then she does not sale any album. nothing surprising as far as her husband is a real asshole. grrrrr.

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