Blog, yes. But what about?

As a full-time writer, you’d think it’d be easy for me to decide what to blog about. But au contraire, dear reader. Between having to protect my name as a brand (i.e., no self-incriminating posts) and the desire not to scoop my own stories, I’m blogged into a corner. To solve this problem, my blog has devolved into short tidbits that are (hopefully) helpful to other writers/bloggers/readers/etc. However, I fear I play it so safe that my blog has become bland, boring even. What’s the solution? Any advice?

Tonight, as I was leaving the soft opening of Fuego at the Rio, I realized that people may be more interested in reading about Las Vegas as a topic than they are in a reading sanitized version of my life. So I’m going to test the waters with some upcoming posts about Vegas. What do you think? Might it be interesting? It seems to have worked for many other local bloggers.

3 responses to “Blog, yes. But what about?

  1. Unicorns, puppies and babies. People love that sh*t.

  2. Speaking from a non-writer perspective, I would suggest writing for your audience…meaning you. I think there’s a truth there. Trying to pick a topic that will attract readers is not the best technique. You have to want to write about it. Just a thought, feel free to “write” me off. :)

  3. Funny, but Hernan beat me to the point. He’s exactly right about the fact that trying to figure out what people want to read is a losing proposition, like the cat chasing its tail. Instead, trust your readers and write what you want to write, what you have to say. If you like it, plenty of them will too.

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