The Lonely Writer

Sometimes I miss the the companionship of an office environment. Today is one of those times. I’m a real big people person, so the enforced isolation is tough. It seems this would be the key time to head to a coffee shop, but I have a deadline so I can’t afford to mess around by driving around the world. Incidentally, I’m also loneliest when I have an iminent deadline.

5 responses to “The Lonely Writer

  1. You’d be a lot less lonely with two cute dogs to keep you company, I hear! :)

  2. I have heard and read about internet people that have formed a collaborative and rented office space, nothing super fancy. Just a place to get out of the house and go to a work environment when they need to. There are many ways to do this and make it work. Thinking about it there maybe a place like that already in Las Vegas already. I know it is common in California.

    Just a thought.
    I am cruising through the blogs on the Beer and Blog Las Vegas site to show appreciation for the members. I really don’t have time but I make time for things that are important.

    Great site, Thanks for having me
    Brad West ~ onomoney

    • That would be really cool. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that would be hard to do on a practical level. But just the thought of a communal office space in a hip, urban area makes me wish I lived Portland.

  3. The thought of somewhere even colder and wetter than Las Vegas is at current makes me not wish I lived in Portland. ;)

    • I see your point, but today’s weather is a once-in-a-year thing. I’ll ask you again in July. Perhaps you’ll have a different opinion.

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