Life According to a Pick-Up Artist

I haven’t gotten around to blogging about this, but I succombed and joined Twitter. One of the most interesting things about Twitter is discovering the random people who follow me. They must have found me for a reason. What is that reason?

For example, a guy who runs a pick-up artist website is now following me. He is clearly doing this for advertising But why? I’m not a dude. And I’m not looking to pick up chicks. So I’m not his demo. I guess I could “DM” him and find out, but I’m afraid of his answer. So we’ll let that one slide because his advertising worked. I checked out his website and discovered ….

…drumroll please….

….that his advice for picking up chicks applies to almost any non-chick-picking-up situation. For example, the Dec 31 post could most definitely apply to writing. Here’s an excerpt:

Every choice we make is not just a single event in a vacuum. No, every choice we make sets the direction of our momentum.

Here’s the website in its full glory. Now go and learn something.

2 responses to “Life According to a Pick-Up Artist

  1. Thanks for your shout out to my blog! Your link made me smile.

    Fact is, I use the term “pick-up artist” throughout the site because it is a strong keyword on Google to generate traffic. Truth is, I do not consider myself a Pick-up Artist.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t found another powerful keyword that captures “guy who wants to improve himself and his relationships/dating life with women”.

    I like your blog – it has a good vibe. Good luck in your blogging endeavors. :)

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