Spencer + Heidi = God’s Definition of Soulmates

I’m embarrased that this is my first posting of 2009. I could blame it on the mere two hours of sleep that I got between 6 and 8am. But that would be making sleep deprivation an innocent scape goat. No, really, the answer is, that on some level of my being, I have a real opinion on media hogs Spencer&Heidi. Here it is:

If you follow the gossip rags, you know all about Speidi’s realfakecancelledsorta replanned marriage complete with plans for babies. Looking at these two blond reality stars, their wedding dreams may seem like pure folly, doomed from the beginning.

However, I believe that these two folks are perfect for each other. They use the same hair dye. They have have the same IQ. And they share a nack for exponentially increasing their 15 minutes of fame. Now you may think these two are annoying, but you certainly can’t deny they are meant for each other.

2 responses to “Spencer + Heidi = God’s Definition of Soulmates

  1. Upon rereading this posting, I think I may have underestimated the effects of 2 hours’ sleep on my mental capacities — if not on the subject matter (not that it’s not unworthy), at least on the quality of my prose. Clever turns of phrase seem to be lacking in the state I’m in. Ok, ok, I’ll shut up and go back to trying to sleep.

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