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Fear and Loathing in Fear and Loathing

This afternoon, I skimmed Hunter S. Thompson’s iconic Vegas tome in search of some potentially useful quotes. It’s certainly a different experience to read the book when I’m living in Las Vegas. But that’s only one more novelty to pile on the mountain of novelties I see every day in this town. The real point of this blog is to expel some of the lonely, empty, all-around-negative feelings that a skim (not a read, mind you) of this book left me with. So, dear reader, thank you for sharing a little of Thompson’s bad energy. I promise not to dump drug-adled writers on you too often.

In a not too unreleated topic, here is the newest installment of my column for the las vegas weekly: Bar Exam: The Offramp Lounge


The Death of Journalism?

I don’t know if you heard the news, but Playboy is combining it’s web and print efforts and moving most its staff to Chicago.  This is just one in cough in the long, slow death rattle of journalism as we know it. And it’s really getting me down. How am I supposed to climb a mountain that’s crumbling? I feel like I’m in the movie the Neverending Story and the Great Nothingness is attacking my profession. It’s not fair, Hunter S. Thompson didn’t have to deal with this crap.

Novel Writing Software

I’m thinking of buying this computer program: Power Writer. What do you guys think? Have you heard of it? Is there another software that you would recommend?

Writer’s Market Online Update

I just got this mass email from Writer’s Market. Seems they are aware of the problemo and trying to fix it.

As you’re aware if you’ve visited the site recently, there are some glitches with the search and submission tracker. However, our programmers feel most of these issues may be fixed as early as today. In the meantime, I encourage you to use the community area of the site, check out the Market Watch updates, and perform more general searches.
Until next we meet, keep writing and marketing what you write.
Robert Lee Brewer
Writer’s Market

Life According to a Pick-Up Artist

I haven’t gotten around to blogging about this, but I succombed and joined Twitter. One of the most interesting things about Twitter is discovering the random people who follow me. They must have found me for a reason. What is that reason?

For example, a guy who runs a pick-up artist website is now following me. He is clearly doing this for advertising But why? I’m not a dude. And I’m not looking to pick up chicks. So I’m not his demo. I guess I could “DM” him and find out, but I’m afraid of his answer. So we’ll let that one slide because his advertising worked. I checked out his website and discovered ….

…drumroll please….

….that his advice for picking up chicks applies to almost any non-chick-picking-up situation. For example, the Dec 31 post could most definitely apply to writing. Here’s an excerpt:

Every choice we make is not just a single event in a vacuum. No, every choice we make sets the direction of our momentum.

Here’s the website in its full glory. Now go and learn something.

Beer and Blogs Las Vegas

Tonight I attended the innaguaral meeting of Beer and Blogs at the Freakin Frog in Las Vegas. Sitting at a giant table of fellow nerds, I thought to myself, “So this is what Twitter would look like if it happened in real life.” All in all, it was fun and I look forward to meeting new friends. 

If you found my site from Beer and Blogs, welcome! And I wasn’t calling you a nerd. I was talking about those people on the other side of the table.

If you live in Vegas, you should join the fun. It’s every Thursday at 6 pm.

Visit their Website for details.

PS. They have the best slogan in the world: “Bloggers helping bloggers over beers”

The Trials and Tribulations of Writer’s Market Online

Everybody’s been telling me to ditch the paper and glue Writer’s Market and sign up for the oh-so-superior online version. So I got the one month trial version, which is incidentally the same price as my Netflix subscription.

One of these two brings me great joy.

The other … heartache.

Can you guess which one?

It’s the Writer’s Market. If you know what I’m doing wrong, please please please tell me. Everytime I do a search, I either get an error message or or a “sorry not found” message. According to them, there are no publications that deal with “food.” Food! Clearly, there is a bug in the system. Is it an end user problem? Or is it them? Also, their site is super super slow. That can’t be my fault, right?

This is a cry for help. If any of you know how to make Writer’s Market online work, please let me know.