Behind the Scenes: The Making of an Article

When I was sitting on the airplane, waiting to fly home to Vegas from my childhood home in Texas, I got an email from my editor. My job, if I chose to accept it, was to attend the opening of Frankie’s Tiki Room from midnight to 1am and write about it.

Get paid to have fun? Yes! Now this is what I signed up for when I chose to be  a writer.

I dragged one of my friends to the opening, and we drank crazy tropical drinks, enjoyed the hipster scenery and had a general good time. This is what it looked like:

A few days later, I sat at the kitchen table and typed out my experiences (after 30 minutes of procrastination on Embarrassing, I know). Often, writing is a struggle for me, this time it wasn’t. I’m not sure the difference, but I think my looming noon haircut appointment allowed me to abandon my typical neuroses and get the job done. If only I could go to the salon every time an article is due.

The piece was part of a neat 24 hours in Vegas concept. Here’s how it turned out in the end:

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