The Birth of a Novelist

Guess what? I’m also writing a novel! I try not to tell people because it makes me feel like a jerk. I don’t want to be the coffee shop slave who is perpetually writing an unfinished novel. I’ve already gone through that hell with my master’s thesis. And then I had the advantage of a wonderful advisor to keep me on track. So let’s keep this novel thing a secret between you and me, please.

According to, the average length of a novel is 60,000-1000,000 words. As of now, I have 7,345 words. That’s a good start, right?

5 responses to “The Birth of a Novelist

  1. You’re 1/13th of the way to 100,000, if I punched the correct calulator buttons. Keep it up. I can’t wait to read it. You’ve already told me enough to know that it will be a hit! The original fan.

  2. To simplify the math you could say that 7,345 words is 7.345% of the way to 100,000. But I didn’t come up with that computation on my own. You know my math skills.

  3. [thats an awesome start, i’ve always wanted to write a novel but can never seem to get into it, good luck for the future] =]


  4. Oh, my god. I am also writing a novel. I happen to be writing a horror novel. Right now, as of 1/14/2009, I am up to 6,959 words. My sister happens to be a unpublished romance novelist of 3 novels. Currently, she is still in search of a publisher. Hey, everybody wish us luck!!! It’s funny but what I have so far has only taken 3 days.

  5. @Jmack0098

    [Good luck for you and your sister] x

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